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Agreeing to Disagree

A divided electorate, a "cancel culture", and open hostility on social media is evidence of a lack of civility in our interactions with people we don't necessarily agree with. In this week's leadership blog, a reminder that It is okay to agree to disagree. It is not okay to be disagreeable. People are valuable...and need to be valued. We can't have a healthy, open, and prosperous society without this.

Starfish and Submarines

Little things, if overlooked or ignored, can become bigger things that cause real problems. In this week's Be a Black Belt Leader blog, the impact of the "little things" we allow into our lives or the organizations we lead, and their negative impact on productivity, profitability, and morale are highlighted. The questions posed at the end of this blog challenge you to think into this issue, and take corrective action. Read, share your comments, and please feel free to share this so others can grow as well.

Do You See What I See

One of my favorite quotes from the legendary Wayne Dyer says, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." The problem is we can't see what we can't see until someone teaches us to see things in a different way. How do we do that? This week's leadership blog tackles this question. Enjoy (and share) the read - and leave a comment below with your thoughts.
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