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MASTER Your Self-Confidence

Black Belt Leadership
The Power of Affirming Words (eBook)
The Power of Affirming Words

One of the fastest ways to overcome self-doubt is to learn how other sucessful people have done the same thing. In this eBook, you'll read the insiprational stories of eight incredible people who have learned to say NO to that nagging little voice holding them back and going on to achieve greatness.  

MASTER Your Self-Confidence
In this 55-page Book, you'll learn the root causes of self-doubt and how it can negatively affect your personal and your professional lives. You'll also learn how to break the vicious cycle of self-doubt and silence that nagging little voice in the back of your head that keeps reminding you of your failures and telling you that you're not enough. Yes, you can learn to MASTER your self-confidence and rise to your full potential.  This eBook is also available as a Paperback on

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Did You Know There's Also a Companion Online Course?
MASTER Your Self-Confidence

Silence the voice of self-doubt that's telling you that you're not enough and learn how to live a more confident, successful life as you let go of limiting beliefs and start living up to your full potential. This online course expands upon the teaching in John's book, helping you recognize the core causes of self-doubt, its impact on your personal and professional relationships, and practical tips to help you overcome doubt and boost your confidence.  

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