If LeBron Needs One, You Do Too!

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If LeBron Needs One, You Do Too!

Black Belt Leadership
Published by John Terry - The Black Belt Leader in Leadership · 3 February 2020
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If LeBron Needs One, You Do Too!
John L. Terry, III - The Black Belt Leader

What do Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, Tony Robbins, Tom Brady, Robert Downey, Jr., LeBron James, Lindsey Vaughn, Brendon Burchard, Michael Phelps, Jennifer Gardner, Darren Hardy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jessica Alba, Sylvester Stalone, and Taylor Swift all have in common?
They ALL have a coach (or a group of coaches) who mentor and train them.

Whether professional athletes, musicians, actors, or elite speakers and trainers in their own right, all of these world-class performers would not be where they are today without the input, guidance, leadership, and training of a mentor and coach. For anyone who wants to perform at the highest levels of success, they can't get there without a mentor or a coach to lead and guide them, give them feedback and insight, and holding them accountable to a process that breeds world-class success.

If you want to be a world-class performer, YOU need a coach!

The Top 5% of High Achievers in the world spend an average of $3,000 a year in personal growth and development. The remaining 95% spend an average of $7 a year to grow themselves personally and professionally. The Top 5% earn more money and achieve a higher level of success than the remaining 95% combined.

If you want to be in the ranks of High Achievers, YOU need a coach!

Jim Rohn once noted that for every $1 an individual invests in their own personal growth and development (and applies what they have learned), they can expect to receive a $30 return. That's a 3000% ROI! Where else can you invest $1 and get that type of financial return? Personal growth and development is one of the most lucrative, if not THE most lucrative, investment you can make in yourself.

Leading up to the 2020 Superbowl, many TV commentators and sportscasters debated the coaching style of the two opposing coaches. The veteran Andy Reid vs. relative newcomer to the pro coaching ranks, Kyle Shanahan. Both of these head coaches enlist the help of other coaches to bring out the best in each individual player, and the team as a whole.

While both teams are comprised of world-class professionals, it requires the leadership, wisdom, and insight of a knowledgeable coach to hone the skill set of each individual to work as one unit. Were it not for the coaches leading these teams, Kansas City and San Francisco would not be playing in the 2020 Superbowl.

If the best of the best need a coach to see Superbowl success, YOU need a coach.

Every black belt in the martial arts, regardless of rank, has others who continue to refine and improve their skillset. Annually at our National Training Camp, we see high-ranking Grandmasters on the floor, learning from the other instructors who are teaching. True leaders are perpetual students, and learning requires you have a teacher or a coach.

As a Black Belt Leader in Life, you are called to live your life with Black Belt Excellence. That means becoming a better version of yourself every single day. Learning from the lessons life teaches you every hour of every day. The value of a coach to help you see what you can't, hold you accountable to the process of personal growth and development, and continually push you to reach that world-class pinnacle of success is immeasurable.

Growth doesn't happen by itself. You have to be intentional. Hiring a coach is part of that intentional process. By yourself, you can only go so far and grow so much. Even leadership guru, John Maxwell, has a group of men and women he gives permission to speak into his life, to hold him accountable, and to stretch him to go higher, go faster, and reach farther.

By adding the wisdom, knowledge, and insight of those who are further down the path of leadership in any area than you are only adds to the collective wisdom you have to make wise decisions. Why would you not want to avail yourself to this knowledge, wisdom, insight, and experience when it can only make you better?

Unless you know it all (and none of us do), you need a coach.

True leaders are perpetual students, and learning requires you have a teacher or a coach. A coach brings a level of knowledge, wisdom, insight, and experience you don't already have. Coaches are essential to your success.  

Yes, YOU need a coach!


2X martial arts Hall of Fame inductee, John Terry (The Black Belt Leader) is passionate about helping others become Black Belt Leaders in Life. He is a motivational speaker, leadership, sales & communication coach and trainer.   

Jessie Terry, John's daughter, is a Certified Speaker, Coach, and Trainer with the John Maxwell Team and is actively involved in the JMT Global Youth Initiative. She is also a Real-Life Management trained coach and a certified Women-Safe Self-Defense Instructor.

For more information, schedule John (or Jessie) to speak to your organization or to book a personal, group or corporate coaching session, visit our website at: www.beablackbeltleader.com.  

If you are a faith-based organization, learn more about John and Jessie's outreach to churches, para-church organizations or faith-based volunteer groups by visiting www.DunamisFactor.com.

John is an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team and is passionate about helping others pursue excellence as they become "Leaders in Life". He is also a Master Coach & Trainer with Real Life Management, a human behavioral training organization helping people learn how to live "Real Life" and make better choices when it comes to relationships, money, health, and wellness. John is also a certified DISC Human Behavior Consultant.

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